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Growing plants from seeds presents the gardening enthusiast with a real challenge. Camellias do not come from true seeds and very rarely is a good flower produced from seeds. Out of many seedlings, the chances for a superior variety are very slim since camellias have been hybridized for over 2000 years to produce the varieties available today.

Camellia seeds ripen at different times depending on variety and location. However, seeds generally mature in early fall. When seeds are mature the pod begins to crack slightly and seeds are ready to be picked.

Select seed pods that have already opened and remove the brown seeds.  Do not let the seeds dry out.  They can be stored in the refrigerator in a sealed plastic bag with a moist paper towel until you are ready to plant them.  
You can germinate seeds in a plastic bag with sphagnum moss before planting in a pot. Add just enough water to keep the moss in the bag moist. When seeds have split and you see the beginnings of a root you can plant.
Plant in good soil, peat moss, or a combination of peat moss and sand. Put a layer of sand on top of the mixture. Place each seed on top of the sand.



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